Welcome to CEOGirl(sm) virgin hair extensions on RemyHairSales.com: business class virgin hair. One of the finest A-list stylist recommended virgin hair- our hair is reusable! Soft and natural virgin remy, and remy hair are sold by the ounce. Available in bulk/fusions for braiding, fusion, and Brazilian knots styles, and also weft/weaveon for sewins and glueins. When dyed to different colors the integrity of this hair stays intact.



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Lace Front Closures: Multi-Part, CEOGirl(SM)

Lace front closures- shop and buy CEOGirl(SM)lace front closures without or with bleached knots. Virgin remy closures lengths starting from 8" to 18", size 4" x 4", ear to ear "13 x 4", and "13 x 2". CEOGirl(SM) multi-part/ or free parting lace front closures are the most undetectable and natural looking. Part it anywhere you wish- appears as if the hair is growing directly from the scalp. Problems ordering? Call/email for an invoice instead.


Ear to Ear Closure 13 x 4 inches Straight Weaving Hair Special
Ear to ear lace front closure or bundle deal.
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
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Closures Installation Service- Silk Base, Lace Front Closures CEOGirl(SM)
Installation for lace closures- sewin option for the lady who wants a full sewin or install with little to no hair left out. Add to cart: Virgin Remy Eurasian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and Indian real human hair CEOGirl(SM) closure piece from RemyHairSales.com: http://www.remyhairsales.com/lace-closures.html
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Hair Bundles With Closure VIRGIN PERUVIAN Hair- RemyHairSales.com
Remyhairsales.com Peruvian lace closures- virgin unprocessed human hair sales grade 8A. 4 ounces per bundle 14-30". Bulk and weft- all hair is dyeable. Your A-list stylist recommended hair. Colors also available.
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
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