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Virgin Remy, Remy Hair Maintenance:
Remy hair is top of the line hair and every woman should, at some point in her life, gift herself these amazing virgin Remy hair sales. Any woman who cannot gift herself some Remy hair should in my opinion run to her husband, boyfriend or friend to get the money to do so, or have him buy her this Remy hair!

Why am I so enthusiastic about Remy hair? This hair does not tangle- ever! This virgin Remy hair is real hair for sale. Not the store bought variety that sheds. No- virgin Remy hair never gets matted. This Remy hair is virtually maintenance free.

Remy Hair is Practically Maintenance Free:
Talking about Remy hair being maintenance free: buy the hair in curly, wavy, or natural straight, you can straighten virgin Remy hair to bone straight as desired. Ready to wash the Remy hair? Wash hair as you would your own hair- natural or permed: drench with water, condition from scalp to tips, rinse, add a little bit of diluted shampoo, repeat conditioning treatment.

Or, choose to only condition the hair- for this method be prepared to use much more conditioner because you must condition Remy hair twice. Once to get the environmental debris out of your hair, and twice to seal the conditioner in. Rinse, blot dry, and add leave in conditioner. Be sure to coat the tips of your new virgin Remy hair. Brush, and air dry.

Maintenance of natural straight Remy hair:
Maintenance is a little different and a rat tail comb or comb with small teeth is preferred.

Remy Hair Care at Night: Remy hair can be slept on at night with no silk bonnet or scarf! In the morning simply spray a generous amount of water over the hair, brush, and voila! You are ready to leave for work in 3 minutes flat.

If you are screaming bloody hell right now need I remind you that us ladies get so busy living our lives- working, maintaining our households, relationships(if you are in one) work/business, and children(if you are blessed to have them) that it is perfectly ok not to tie your hair down at night.

What is not ok is straight Remy hair going naked to bed without its protection- brushing and combing, then at least twisting it in one big twist and dragging the tips upwards- so you can sleep on your back if that's your thing. Who has time to do the wrap thing any more?

Buying this hair to install in your hair is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a woman. I am telling you the truth, Sisters.

Store Bought Remy Hair is a Thing of The Past: After wearing the raggedy weaves- and I say that with no hangups at all- you know the kind that looks good in a beautiful package, but the hair itself needs tons of conditioners and maintenance? What you don't pay for in hair price you eventually almost pay for in hair products. Forget about the time used to style it and make it act 'correct!'

Buy our Remy Indian hair- we have scoured the world for the best top of the line Remy Indian hair and Brazilian hair there is- you will not be disappointed. Thanks ladies. Don't forget- if you need immediate assistance call me. if it isn't urgent, please e-mail us.

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