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Remy Hair Guide- How to Buy Good Hair

What is Good remy Hair? Good remy hair is remy hair that covers the basics of what your goal is, first and foremost.


When buying hair for braiding make sure that the top of the bundle of hair is as wide as the tips of the bundle. That type of hair showing the crying moticon is only ok when in a weft or track hair extension, ladies.


Buying hair for Brazilian Knots strand by strand styles? Or braiding and braided weave styles such as treebraids? Don't buy hair from suppliers that stuff the hair! That is the number one pet peeve of consumers- you, celebrity stylists, and all other women out there.

A new client brought stuffed hair in for treebraids styling, and mentioned that it came highly recommended to the "stars". Well that supplier made her cry because in addition to the short lengths it tangled! Good thing she had 3 bundles of hair otherwise she wouldn't have had enough hair for her style- not with that hair!

Yet another client- an actress, was sold bulk remy hair with the same problem as above. How sad- twice in one week- it is a huge problem when hair vendors stuff shorter hair in with the actual length a client has paid for.

However we are happy to report that my actress client would love to use my/our remy hair in the future. Her theatre company would be glad to use us as their go to Remy hair supplier. We would love to have them, as we have superior remy hair- and no stuffing here!

Virgin Remy vs. Remy Hair:
Did you know that there is a difference between the two? Making the wrong selection could detract from your expectations on performance. For example, do you want to be able to dye the hair? Do you want the hair to last longer than 12 months?

Do you want the least amount of tangling, yes, real human hair will tangle because it is normal hair cut off of someone's hair. Treat it badly and there is a little tangling. Can you say hello to conditioning treatments? So get virgin remy if you want to be able to do the most you can possibly do to the precious hair you are buying.

What Color(s) is Available in Remy Hair?:
Virgin Remy hair comes in natural hues of blacks and browns mostly in Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian, and other Asian hair: 1b Off Black, 2 Dark Brown, 4 Mid Brown. Those are the most in-demand color hues that are readily available.

Virgin remy hair has all cuticles in the same direction and no harsh chemicals except that necessary for cleaning the hair free of lice, etc. have been used.

Remy hair also has all cuticles in the same direction however can be shipped by the supplier in all the colors of the rainbow on demand. So if you buy virgin remy and request that the supplier dye the hair or you dye it yourself, some of the virgin remy's long lasting properties are slightly diminished.

Body wave virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: body wave brazilian remy hair

Curly virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: curly virgin brazilian remy hair

Natural straight virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: straight virgin brazilian remy hair

Imagine if you dyed your own hair- before long you will experience split ends and may need deep conditioning- the hair is not as smooth to the touch as non-dyed virgin remy.

Natural Curl Patterns of Virgin Remy Hair:
Natural straight, Natural wavy, and Natural curly. On the other hand, remy hair comes in limitless curl patterns. How is this possible? Remy hair is permed and any specific curl pattern is imprinted into the hair by manufacturing means.

Raw Virgin Remy Hair vs. Virgin Remy Hair:
Yes, there is longer lasting hair than virgin remy- Raw virgin remy hair. However because raw virgin remy hair is coarse in texture, there are few takers. However ladies, you are catching on to this fact and that is a good thing the Natural Hair Revolution has brought about.

Some Virgin remy hair has been very lightly treated to give you to soft smooth permed textures you are more used to experiencing and seeing on others.

Suppliers of raw virgin hair are very limited because some women do not want to wear hair as coarse as theirs- well it takes a village to maintain natural coarse hair and a ton of TLC. Virgin remy is therefore a better preference for these ladies. To each her own!

So Where to Buy Virgin Remy and Remy Hair?:
Not available from local hair supply stores. If you buy hair that is labeled "Remy", "Real Remy", and "Virgin Remy" from a local hair supply store, you are buying man-made hair that has been coated with keratin. Keratin washes down the drain over time so you know its remy instead, not virgin remy.

Our God-given human hair has a generous amount of keratin coating- this gives our real hair its soft smooth texture. Thank you God!

However, scientists in Asia have found a way to coat synthetic hair with several coatings of keratin- as many as 10 coatings- then label the hair as "Remy". The more keratin, the smoother and softer the hair texture. So this type of hair is labeled "virgin remy", or "remy.

However, keratin washes down the drain with each shampooing. What is left is hair that does not respond much to product as it used to, that starts to tangle, and not fun to work with, whereas real hair responds to a simple spritz of water. Why are these vendors allowed to use Remy labels on synthetic hair?

Body wave virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: body wave brazilian remy hair

Curly virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: curly virgin brazilian remy hair

Natural straight virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: straight virgin brazilian remy hair

These manufacturers are allowed to import such hair into the US and other countries because so long as they satisfy the "like human hair" requirement, it has been deemed satisfactory for commerce.

Our research and investigation has been lengthy- however we have found that hair traders -not beauty and hair supply stores- sell real hair, and happily, yours truly.

Why is Real Good Human Hair so Hard to Find?:
A growing demand for real hair has unfortunately resulted in a surge in demand in the synthetic hair industry as well, largely at the expense of the consumer. Enter local hair supply stores- they have come to your rescue in a big way. However dishonestly.

Opportunists are mixing real hair with synthetic hair and pricing them approximately 40 dollars or less per bundle! Apparently these opportunists are trying to serve those who cannot afford good quality real hair. Sadly, the market is growing for this type of hair.

Luckily, you can spot the price and run for your life! Isn't it ironic that the packaged hair sellers that bamboozle non-savvy consumers with beautiful packaging and into thinking that their hair is real actually make more money than hair traders?


This is when you buy any length hair but the length received is only 2/3 or 1/3 of the length you purchased. The rest of the bundle of hair consists of short hairs of varying lengths. Lengths are stuffed with indiscriminate lengths as short as 3-12 inches. Sometimes more than 5 different lengths- not what you paid for! A real problem for braided weave styling and a waste of hair. When the strands are separated for installation, the shorter hairs fall to the floor! What a waste of money.

Hair that costs only $3-$40:
Buying (Brazilian remy) hair on ebay that is 22" long but only costs $30-$40- you get what you pay for- hair priced that low speaks for itself.

Sharp sound:
Rubbing the hair together makes a distinct synthetic sound.

Sold only in packs:

Hair is not sold by the ounce or pound.

We hope this article has helped to clarify and educate on how to buy good virgin remy hair and also remy hair.

Looking for great remy hair? Look no further- you have come to the right place. We offer good quality hair, no stuffing. Period. Its right here on remyhairsales.com !

Body wave virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: body wave brazilian remy hair

Curly virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: curly virgin brazilian remy hair

Natural straight virgin remy

Buying hair: return to store for: straight virgin brazilian remy hair

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